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The JustOne Approach – A Proven Alternative.

There is now an alternative to 1. Engaging a team of external consultants & 2. Setting up an internal project.

Our business model is based on the creation and use of Internal Consultants.

The ability of the Internal Consultants is critical for project success.

In JustOne projects two categories of Internal Consultants are required:

  • Lead Internal Consultant (LIC) :
    • Leads discovery and facilitation phases
    • Has overall Responsibility for AR and AP
    • Supervises any Inventory Specialists
    • Completes and closes the project
    • Leads regular reviews to sustain benefits
  • Inventory Specialist :
    • Runs all inventory aspects of the project
    • Supports the LIC in project closure
    • Supports the LIC in regular reviews

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The JustOne Clients Past and Present.

Click the green button to find out about Clients and Associated Clients who JustOne have worked with over the past 10 years. Also the clients our Consultants have worked with during their careers