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The JustOne Approach – A Proven Alternative.

There is now an alternative to 1. Engaging a team of external consultants & 2. Setting up an internal project.

For a project to succeed it is vital that everyone involved knows what they are accountable for and who they are accountable to:

  • The Driving Team is encouraged to accept accountability to the Board for delivering the agreed benefits of the project.
  • JustOne is accountable to the Driving Team for ensuring the Internal Consultants are capable of implementing change.
  • The Internal Consultants are accountable to the Driving Team for setting targets and facilitating change locally.
  • They provide everything needed to implement change and for targets to be hit and leave behind a detailed Action Plan.
  • The Local Management are accountable to the Driving Team for delivering the Action Plan.

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The JustOne Clients Past and Present.

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